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What's not to love about a low-key yet classic ponytail? When it comes to beauty, sometimes less is more. This hairstyle speaks it. Let's take a break from the crazy updos and focus on an elegant basic that will take you 5 minutes to create. Tips: - Make sure you hair is combed then apply a light weight serum to the ends of your hair. - To give the hair a bit of volume and texture, use a lifting - To add a bit of extra texture use a 1 ¼ inch barrel iron rotating the sections in different directions for a relaxed natural feel. Styling: 1. Gently pull hair into a pony tail at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic, similar in color to the hair. 2. Once the hair is secured, slide down on the elastic band about a ½ inch to loosen the pony even more. 3. Take a small piece of hair from underneath the pony tail, about ¼ inch in size, spray it with hairspray and wrap around the elastic band and secure the ends with bobby pins, or tuck the ends into the elastic and spray again with hairspray all over.
Super pretty and easy to throw together for work!
This is actually super cute and doesn't look totally lazy haha
I love this. It's totally going to be my spring semester go-to school hair.
A class go-to on lazy days. Love it. :)
So effortless yet polish.