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Okay so I did a review last week on a 2013 LY Switchblade and I kinda enjoyed doing it so I thought "Hey, lets do another review on something I have and dont ride!" so here I am doing just that! So we have here... welp I dont really know. Its obvious a Sector 9 witch meh Im kay with the company over all. This deck is in fact a pintail... (one of two I own judge me fool) witch is balls, but whatever. Honestly I do enjoy the concave this deck has just a light side to side bowl. Other than that well, forget it. I mean its a pintail what am I gonna do on it? Cruise? No, because its awful at it. Low flex an pretty thin. If they would've thrown a tail on it it would be a kinda fun tricker but all in all this board fails me all round. The trucks are havoc witch are great for starting out but Im totally past that point. An the wheels are Vodeo witch are well basic wheels, then it has some god awful Reds in there. So all in all Ive barely rode it myself got it for a steal back my first winter and has pretty much sat around holding stuff I dont use since. So all in all deck 3 outta 10, trucks great for beginners, wheels... theyre round, bearings nope! Have a good day pals n gals.
I dont have much to say about it. I will talk up good product till I turn blue. Bad stuff isn't worth the breath to say its bad.
"I mean it's a pintail what am I gonna do on it? cruise? no, because it's awful at it"...this...needs to be on a shirt, bumper stickers, billboards...
U can really tell which boards u like and dislike steven by how much u talk about your set up.clearly u don't like this board