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1. This is how ISTANBUL bus coin looks like! quite interesting. it consists of just plastic, not an usual coin. 2. I totally forgot. yesterday(1st day in istanbul) after drinking a beer, it was not enough for me. so i devoured Korean instant food and drinks; 신라면(SHIN LAMEN) and 소주(SO JU). i thought this was for emergency for missing korean food, but later on, we saw this products popular in Turkey, which means it's easy to get in Turkey. haha! 3. anyway, continuing second day morning, again breakfast pic! looks delicious right? yes it was! 4. morning brunch with a kitten on terrace! 5. Visiting Blue Mosque(called Sultan Ahmed Mosque) Magnificent! Majestic itself! 6. Outside selfie! putting on an orange cardigan. it was a shiny day as i remember:) 7. with awesome background 8. again cutie kitten on a tree. These are about before noon i think. and afternoon pics on next post! (2-2) "Plz enjoy my stories. i am a vagabond from South Korea:) after finishing turkey story, i'll upload Spain storty as well!! 'Follow' is always welcome! And my instagram id is vagabondTKKK"
How do you buy the bus coins? Is it just like easy at a convenience store or something?? Sointeresting!
Plastic that's a first for bus ride well every country is different (glad to know)
@vagabondTK cool! That sounds more efficient than trying to have the right bills on you, and you can lend it to a friend easily.
@onesmile it sells by auto machine. not difficult, like put the money, then push a button:)