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I had a random thought about a steel deck. So I went to my brother, (who welds), and told him my idea. He said it would cost me about $90 for material and labor. But I am worried about performance. He said it would way about 20lb if it was made strong enough to not bend and stay bent. I think it might bend trucks and destroy bearings, so I am considering not doing it. All in all, it would be a very unique board. What are your thoughts?
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All those boards are so cool! I need to get some money to spend on a whole board or just a deck
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Beer cans are actually pretty cheap I want one as my next board.
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@DanielSpazJames just looked up the Beercan boards. They are beautiful.
3 years ago·Reply
I know I want the oatsoda 42" dtp purple. Oh my it its absolutely beautiful.
3 years ago·Reply
I have the beer can oat soda dp 35. I'm switching it for the oat soda dtp 42. but so far I wouldn't get a beer can with this track system for the trucks. they don't stay in place and give it some rattle which makes the ride very sketchy. but other then that I love it
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