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First of all, can I say that great minds think alike? @Danidee I have been putting together songs each time I went to the gym. But, unlike your playlist mine consists of songs I shouldn't listen to while working out Lol What do I mean? Well, you know how when you're so in your zone that you completely forget about your surroundings? Lol Well, if you're studying this is ideal. However, if you're in a gym and forget people are in close proximity and you're there acting a fool…well… not so ideal anymore. Lol Songs I shouldn't listen to at the gym: #1 Exo-K What is Love I don't know what it is about this song that bring out the 'body rolls' lol #2 Super Junior - Mamacita I feel that I don't even have to explain this one. I will anyway and hope I'm not alone lol Outbursts of "Hey MAMACITA! Naega ayayayaya ahahaha.. #3 TVXQ- Before U Go More body rolls XD #4 RAIN- LA SONG Play this song and try not to sing along. I dare you. #5 GD/Taeyang- Good Boy Have you seen the choreo? Everytime this song comes on I have to contain myself lol *Yes, I am aware I need help XD Q: What version of Vingle do you use? Mobile or full?
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I'm a nerd. Lately I've just been sneaking off to the library between classes just to Vingle with you guys, lol.
Lollll aw! Woot woot! @danidee
lmao omg i sooooooo agree - especially EXO - LOVE that song but can not be still!!! lolol And Rain's song is must for singing along!! For Good Boy tho - I could live my entire life with anything from the BigBang members on repeat, always!!!
@serbshavemofun I am with you 100% lol Love bigbang
I love all the songs you you listed I would have to add rain 30 sexy.