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As absolutely gorgeous as this tablescape is, it is terribly designed and impractical. Don't let this happen to you on your most important day! A winning tablescape design is one that is truly beautiful to the eye, doesn't detract from the event, and allows seated guests to converse across the table. I can't imagine the types of chats one could have with daffodils, gypsophilia, and roses, because you couldn't possibly interact with anyone else. You can have centerpieces that are staggered in height, but be aware that they need to be low and high. Nothing in-between. You know it's a fail when your guests are moving them from side to side in order to talk across the table. That's embarrassing. (And you paid how much for an expert floral designer to create that?) My dear, you ought to be popping champagne corks, not pills. Spend your money smartly. Don't let a floral designer fool you into thinking pretty flowers are enough. No. Any florist or tablescape designer worth their ISES (industry-trade) membership will know to never make this mistake. Ever. Let me know if you're having some challenges with your florist or tablescape designer. Maybe you're pulling a Suze Orman, and doing it yourself to save money--great! If that's the case and you need advice, shoot me a message privately or simply respond as a comment. I'm sure everyone could benefit from some Q and A.
Me too @marshalledgar. I like the look of the design here; it's just really unfortunate that this is for a table for seated guests. It would have been better to set this up for a buffet or a sweet table, etc.
gobs and gobs and gobs? @marshalledgar? you are too silly. Do you read my cards? It's all about proportion. When is your sister getting married @noonmarez? If you have questions, let us help
Oh, and I think the chairs are mahogany, but it may be just my monitor color settings.
Love the cherry Chiavari chairs
Agreed @noonmarez. Im a big proponent of gobs and gobs and gobs of flowers. Right @nixonwoman?
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