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So guys I'm planning to get some new wheels soon for spring and I need to know which one has a faster roll speed and which one slides better I'm gonna put them on a evo when I get one and make a dh board out of it
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Kegals got that awesome core, which in theory makes it faster, accelerate quicker, and makes it lighter, and more predictable slides once its broken in. More people use kegals but maybe thats cause some of the big names use it. Id go with orange kegals if i were you. Just seems like a better made wheel.
cannibals have a small core which increases the grip of the wheel during turns 76a is what people are after but 78a works the same. kegels have a large square lips and core giving it more roll speed and makes it harder to break out they are more for straights, if you don't have much experience, and long distance skating
If you want some cannibals. I've got a set with skin for sale
kegels will roll over all rocks and 34 species of small critters
get the new blood orange liam Morgan dh wheels