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I guess I started walking out of boredom. I guess that is also why I am writing this now, mixed with many other emotions. I should start by saying, admitting, that I've always been enticed by the arbitrary. Born to live moments of random, insane adventure of personal whim. I don't mean that in a selfish way, I'm quite the opposite, at least now. I pride myself and others too for the fact that we all are continually changing and growing. That fact is a bringer of hope. The thought that it can always get better, life that is, is a light house for the blind. Hope is essential but it is also poisonous. It creates expectations that if not reached can sometimes shatter the very thing you've been hoping for but without it you couldn't get anywhere. You'd be stuck deciding wether or not to take a step. You see, you must have something to hope for in life, you cannot walk without a direction to walk in. Mine has always been love. I long for the idea. The idea that two people by random odds of fate could meet and care for one another most immensely and sincerely. It sounds of that from fairytale but what is reality except ones perception? An so I started my journey down the street. Walking aimlessly looking for love. I didn't understand what it was or how I'd find it but I believed one day I would.
The all feels so....hopeful? like sure it might be a down for now, but there IS hope.
We're all kind of on an endless wondering journey for love, aren't we?
yupp :p
Random question, but is the picture your signature? Love it XD @WyattHaste