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THE MEMORY OF OUR SAVIOR It's not everyday that I begin writing the words "we're sorry" when I sit down to draft a eulogy in memory of someone dear that has been lost. But today, I will write those words. We're sorry: mankind is sorry. When you first came to us, dear David, we didn't understand your purpose, and we thought it was ours to figure out. We know now that there are many creatures and worlds out there that aren't ours to understand, only ours to experience and awe over. Your sacrifice, difficult as it is to understand, will not be forgotten. Thank you, David, for leading us to learn of the actions coming against us by your brothers, and we're sorry for the actions we had to take against them, and how it ended for you. Had we listened in the first place, things might have ended differently. Thank you, David, and rest in piece. A memorial will be held worldwide for the next twenty-four hours: it's the least we can do. ...........................far, far away.............................. TRAITOR DIES AGAINST BROTHERS Ex-Prince David, known to you all as a weakling of sorts, has traveled to Earth and manipulated the minds of the humans to join him against us. Thankfully, our deployed forces led by our beloved princes, were able to stop the rouge Prince, defeating him before he caused serious harm to our forces. The fate of the humans is yet to be decided. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I loved this prompt from @chiaroscuro to write the eulogy of an alien who betrayed his race to save mankind. And @timeturnerjones shared the idea to write two different eulogies, so I thought I'd try that! What do you think?
The second one reads like an angry cover up.
Yes!!! This is just what I imagined for thr two different sides. Good job @hikaymm
@chiaroscuro Thanks!! I thought it was fun to play with the perspective this way :)
I love this! It also shows just how words can twist the story and change your view on something.