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The post made about the snowstorm by @greggr got me reading some more articles regarding snowstorms, and I came across this article about the ways that global warming may be affecting snowstorms. It's possible that around 3 feet might fall in the worst-hit spots from Monday through Wednesday according to forecasters, along with strong winds. And why does that mean bad things for our world? Because it might be a sign that it's really warming up. Basically, when the atmosphere is warmer, it can hold more moisture. This means that more snow until the temperatures get higher. Once the temperatures overall get higher (maybe around 2100 or past) extreme snows could be the norm. As the low pressure area that is causing the storm hits the coast line, it's met with air that full of more moisture because the temperature is about 2 degrees higher on average. The cold air over the continent ensures that moisture falls as snow. One clear effect of climate change on the impacts of northeastern storms comes not from the snows they’re associated with, but from the coastal flooding they can cause. What are your thoughts: are we in for worse snow storms as it gets warmer and warmer in our atmosphere?
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False alarm about the blizzard thought everyone....lol. Still.....
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As they say, it's always darkest before the dawn....
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False alarm but you're right: better safe than sorry!
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