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There's a lot of good common courtesy rules to follow, but one of the most important ones (that I've heard most often) is to NOT ask cosplayers for photos while they're eating! I'm surprised this one needs said, but I guess it does. A few cosplayers from Word of the Nerd put together just WHY they don't like being asked for photos while eating: Dera: Do NOT ask for pictures while we are eating. This is a never-spoken but always understood rule that is mainly composed of common sense. When we are eating, it means that we have finally run out of fuel and our excitement and adrenaline alone can no longer keep us going; we need this time to re-energize. And a lot of the time, this is when intricate, heavy, and overall troublesome pieces of cosplays are taken off. If a cosplayer has food (or is taking a break in general), just try to find us later or politely ask where we might be later on. Riley: Cosplayers need to eat too: There is going to be a point at least once during the convention that we are not available for photos, interviews, or hugs; lunch. This may mean we are cramming a granola bar down our throats, or possibly sitting down for a real meal. This may be the only break we get all day so please don’t decide you need a picture right now. Let us have a moment to relax and recover before heading back out into the fray. Renee: Do not disturb a cosplayer while eating. Conventions take a lot out of all of us, so any chance to eat is somewhat a luxury. I am sure you do not want anyone interrupting your meal. if just want a picture, ask politely, and who knows? if they do say yes they may eat in character. but do not try to ask them questions about the series. even better, if the photo isn’t your goal, a simple “hello there, great cosplay” as you pass by them is optimal. Janel: Generally don’t ask for pictures while a cosplayer is resting or eating but if for some reason you cannot wait, ask permission and wait for the cosplayer to be ready before taking the photo. So, as you can see Cosplayers REALLY don't like it sometimes, so be respectful, and wait to take that picture :) Also, as a cosplayer, don't feel bad to politely turn down photos during your down time.
@vulpix True, but it should be common courtesy anywhere (not just at cons) to treat people respectively. Just because it's a con doesn't mean rude behavior flies!!
@hikaymm @timeturnerjones Unfortunately not everyone at cons is that perceptive. @somnia True, but you also have to understand that they've probably been asked or even bothered dozens of times.
I'd just be down to say looks great and keep moving, especially if theyre eating. isnt seeing it enough?
Totally agree with this, but cosplayers need to not be rude about saying no either....I've had that happen before and then you just feel off all day :?
This 10000% this!!! I've actually heard people complain about this before which is just rude. To the point where a few of my friends have taken to totally leaving con areas to eat, which just takes more of their time because they can't get any peace there!!