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Sometimes, when your crush is completely oblivious to your affection, they say the ABSOLUTE WORST things that make you feel horrible. Thankfully for you, I am an expert at handling these moments gracefully. Here's what to do in that situation: 1) What's the deal with your friend? THIS IS THE WORST. And honestly, red flag that they're not the right one for you. There are times when things can work out with somebody after they have liked/dated a friend, but trust me when I say that you'll always have a seed of doubt in your head about where their affection lies, so it's best to get over them now. 2) Hey buddy! Pal. Friend. Dude. Deep breath. This doesn't have to mean "friend zone!" Be cool with it: guys fall in love with their best friends, too! Besides, don't you want them to feel comfortable enough with you to treat you like someone closest to them? Think about it that way, and don't get weird. 3) I really hate *favorite book/movie/musician* Read this: who you date doesn't have to love what you love. In fact, I'm pretty sure that would make for the most annoying/boring relationship ever. Isn't it more fun to have different interests that you can expose the other one to? Think about all the fun debates! 4) You remind me of my sister/mom/brother. This one....is....rough. I don't have a go to for this situation, but trust that it means they love you like family, and sometimes, that can work out. However, be ready to hold onto your friend card, too. 5) My ex and I would always.... Okay, seriously. I hate this. But don't freak out: who doesn't have an ex? And, if they have an ex who they're willing to keep good memories with, that probably means they're an alright person. I mean, do you want him to hate you if you date and break up? I think not! Instead of freaking out, take it in stride. Pay attention to WHAT he's sharing, not about the ex part. Everyone has exes, so just role with it. You can't be the only one with memories with your partner! 6) I'm not really interested in anybody right now. Cool. Coooooool. It's not like I'm drooling over you or anything, nope not me. Anyways, just because he's not interested, doesn't mean he won't ever be. Remember to keep it simple. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen eventually. 7) I'm definitely not good enough for even someone like you. Yes, you are. If you guys are flirty/close enough, take this moment to tell them how great they are. And maybe that they're perfect for you. But try to play it cool. I've never been very good at this one. 8) They thought we were dating! How funny is that! Laugh it off: they haven't learned how to see you romantically yet! Just because you're warming up to them doesn't mean they're as speedy as you. Stay patient, and stay calm. 9) You're cute, like little kid cute. Respond with: "but you like little kid cute, right?" No, just kidding. Depending on your personality and relationship, you can give back some witty banter, or flirtiness, or, just agree and call them something cute, too. Alls fair in love, right? 10) I'm not really into relationships. Then what is friendship, doofus? Anyone who says this just needs some time to gain their trust in relationships back. Give them that time!
@ChristinaBryce Right?! Like, am I so GROSS you don't want to date me?!
The only person I am okay with being like "They thought we were dating! How funny is that!" is someone who is actually related to me like a cousin dad or brother. Anybody else: why is that funny?!
If he's saying whats the deal with my friend, I know it's seriously time to be not interested lol.....too awkward!
Number 3 KILLS me
every other one except 1