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Super Idol Nico just HAD to have wavy hair. >.> See the reference pic on the second slide~ Today I learned to not use rubber hair elastics while styling a wig with boiling water- they will snap. Luckily I had regular hair ties nearby! I also brushed out my wig for Anju so that it has nice, soft, fluffy waves instead of more defined curls. Going to need help cutting her bangs because they're straight across!
Nico Nico Not about those rubber elastics.
Good luck jenni bon! I would help but you know my styling skills are non-existent when it comes to wigs lol
Probs to you for even trying to wave it!! I would have used a curling iron....and probably melted everything
oops, *props
A soft wave is probably harder to get than full curls isn't it?