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Solid colors are classy but sometimes you want something more flirty and romantic. In the past I gave the classic red lipstick a tried but it made me look super mature. With that said, I've been using a rosy pink lipstick and gloss. This valentine, I wanted to steer away from the solid color and try something different. Gradient aka ombre lips seems like the perfect choice for me! How to get blushed rosy lips: 1. Dot a small amount of liquid concealer or apply nude lipstick on your lips. 2. Carefully spread and blend the color with your pinky or Q-tip. 3. Carefully apply red lipstick to the inner area of your lips. 4. Gently blend outwards with your finger or brush till satisfied. Note: Experiment with different tones of red and pink to get the you want.
I do this all the time lol!
I am always amazed by people who can do gradient work with makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, etc) I need to get to practicing!
This makes your lips look slightly plumper too!
I've always wondered how people did this. I like really subtle lip colors because I wear a lot of eye makeup and don't want to look too covered. This is mild while giving my lips a nice color!
Red lipstick can make you look more mature, but it can also brighten up your complexion! Maybe you'll give it another try next time. Anyways, this gradient lip looks interesting but it's too light for me.