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“Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.” -John Muir One of the unmistakably most wonderful aspects of hiking without a lot of excess baggage, or excess people, is the escape that is provides. Even if you do have a hiking partner and, of course, your packs, it surely beats the hustle of packing luggage and landing at some resort where there are hundreds of people just like you trying to escape. Real escape isn't found in the resorts, but in the wilderness!
@yakwithalan @happyrock There's just something uniquely special about those times :)
I won't say I haven't enjoyed a nice resort vacation (I have!) but I agree that there's a different kind of relaxation that comes from heading out alone.
I like to take a few good friends with me, but I agree to getting away from the typical hustle and bustle of a vacation to a tourist hot spot.