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Silly (or, I guess, obvious) as it may seem, you need to really carefully consider what socks you wear when heading out on a hike. This is a great intro video to choosing good socks (HINT: choose wool!) that will help you prevent blisters, hot spots, and other problems simply by wearing a better sock. - Cotton: Avoid it! It holds in water, and will lead to wet feet, which can lead to blistering or hot spots. - Merino wool: Great option! Manages moisture, temperature and smell really well. - Synthetic: No wool fiber in it (good for those allergic or averse to wool) While type of material is really important, you'll also want to choose a sock with the right structure: aka extra padding in some areas that will help the sock stay in place! Watch the video for more tips :)
@fallingwater I mean like @treedweller said they're fools!
Anyone who thinks they can just throw on shoes and hike is being a fool. That doesn't work.
@yakwithalan Agreed. I always lose or ruin them really quickly. @happyrock That's SO dangerous! You're going to get a crazy infection. I've seen people end up in casts because of bad infections.
You'd be surprised how many people think they can go with normal or really thin socks....or (the horror!!!!) sockless....
Nice, basic tips. I'll say right here that you should splurge for the merino wool, but get your sock liners at Walmart. They'll wear out real fast regardless of where their from.