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Stripped of his Tour titles in October 2012 by the International Cycling Union (UCI), Lance Armstrong ended years and years of denials when he finally admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during all seven of his Tour de France wins on air with Opera during a January 2013 television interview. Now, 43-year-old Armstrong said something that some might find astonishing in yet another interview. Armstrong said he would probably cheat again if he was in the same situation as he was during the 1990s. He feels that his lifetime ban is unfair and his treatment has been harsh. Justifying his answer, Armstrong explains that the use of performance-enhancing drugs was so prominent and wide-spread that he would have never come to the same level of success if he wasn't doping. To me, I kind of understand this answer. Although I don't think Lance really would do it all over again if they outcome was going to be the same. If he did go back and did dope again, I think he would have made less enemies so he wouldn't have been called out. That's just my two cents.
He was being honest. In the times of everyone doping you had to dope to compete. In the sport you love and worked hard at of course you would. Hence his statement. Everyone needs to be smart, put things in context and put themselves in the situation.
I feel bad for a him a little bit, I think he makes a good point at the end. If he wants to run in a marathon non-competitively, and someone donates half a million dollars to the cause he is running for then that is a good thing that doesn't benefit him. Unfortunately he doesn't get the chance to do that.
And of course he'd just be smarter about it and not make enemies while doing it. That was just dumb. But being on all kinds of ped's can make you kind of aggressive 馃槵
He's still a legend. I don't care what anyone say's.
As upset as I was when the allegations started and how huge this scandal became, I kinda have to commend him on that brutally honest admission that he'd do it again. He makes a good argument about the other people that prospered and benefited from the results of efforts and actions.
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