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Nice Guy Motorcyclist Helps Cyclist
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A motorcyclist notices that a cyclists next to him is having a tough time. She forgot her gloves at home and it's noticeable that it's not fun having no gloves outside in the snow on a bike. (I didn't know this but) Apparently motorcycles have warm grips on their handlebars, so the motorcyclist tells her to use the grip to warm up. It's getting pretty cold out there so it's nice to see people sharing the warmth!
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We motorcyclist are great people! It was very sweet of him to so this! I am a motorcyclist and a bicyclist! Not all motorcycles have heated grips some do others are added for an extra fee like car options. Bicycles are traditionally considered as seasonal! Motorcyles are year long and all sorts of terrain at higher speeds (sorry bicyclists it is true) and the hands get cold out there and the hands do most everything on the motorcyle! Most motorcyclist wear gloves as part of their gear for safety, accidents, fallls all year round. Bicycling takes a good grip as well especially cranking down a mountain! I say we take the motorcycle heated grip idea and add them to the bicycles using foot/battery power!