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This video chronicles the act of hiking up and flying down from a mountain with a Paraglider, in a really enjoyable few minutes. Considering the way that most of the paragliding videos I've seen are much more high action than this, I appreciate the take this pilot takes in taking time for himself to actually hike up where he will be gliding from, and taking the time to really know who he is. Clearly, the time in nature, appreciating it both on the ground and from above, has done him some good! Can't say I'll be flying like this anytime soon, but I can appreciate the art of his story. The wing used: Little Cloud Spiruline Light (littlecloud.cc) Pilot: Alban of humaneagle.com
@chowder @TeamWaffles It's definitely a unique tale! I didn't really consider how people get up to where they are going to paraglide down from. @yakwithalan you and me both alan
Looks peaceful, but I think when I got to the top I'd just rest, and then go back down (I haven't been able to convince myself to jump off anything high in the past 40 years of my life, don't know why that would change now....) Still, cool experience.
Now I really want to get into paragliding. That looked so cool!
Awesome little video. Production is top notch and it tells an interesting story, way different than the usual extreme sports video I'm used to seeing