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Saddle height is one of the key components of bike fit. So, it's a great thing to work on if you want to feel comfortable on your bike but don't want to spend your money on a high end bike fit just. If you want to do it yourself you are going to need a level, a tape measure, and a plumb line. This video will show you how to do the Holmes method, the 'Inside Leg' method, or the Kops method. If you want to give it a shot it looks like the 'Inside Leg' method may be a bit more accurate. Although I think it is still best to get fitted by a reputable shop, knowing these methods will help a lot in a pinch.
@troygreene84 I've seen people use that method just to get people in and out the door for a fitting
@BikeSnob You're right this is definitely really helpful if you are in a pinch. Thanks!
Interesting, I always figured the inside the leg method was way off. I'll have to check it next time and see if it's accurate!