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Outfit Idea: Chambray Shirt and Black Skirt

One reason why chambray shirt should be a staple in your closet - it's easy to coordinate this styling piece. Whether it’s a plain chambray acting as an accent in the outfit, or a creatively ombre or patchy chambray, the piece captures the limelight. If the weather is warm enough, pair this top with a black skirt and an edgy ankle boot. For cooler weather, layering on a loose cardigan or coat with a pair of opaque tights. Don't you love the boy-meets-girl vibe from the button-down shirt? PRODUCTS: J.Crew Chambray Shirt/ F21 Skater Skirt/ N'Damus London Briefcase Satchel Black / Jeffrey Campbell 'Finnick' Boot
I love this style~!
This is TOTALLY my style! I never usually wear my chambray with a black skirt (usually black skinny jeans), but I'm definitely going to switch it up now.
Usually, I don't dig boots. However, this style is just perfect! ♥
That platform boot! I want it!
@danidee same here but I'm really digging this look!
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Top 4 Reasons Diamond is People’s Favourite for Engagement Rings
When someone is in love and wants to take the relationship to the next level, he/she proposes to get ready for engagement and marriage eventually. By this time, they both decide about the engagement program and other essential matters. And they focus most on the engagement ring. That’s right; an engagement ring is a vital part of the engagement day. And people mostly pick diamonds to be their only engagement ring to cherish forever. The following reasons are the main factors for choosing diamonds as a gemstone. 1. Diamond is considered as the symbol of eternal love. It is not a recent establishment of thoughts, but people used to believe that diamond represents love, eternity, and purity from long centuries. It is also the symbol of strength and vigor that love will stay forever between two people. 2. Diamond is one of the precious stones on earth that people use for jewelry. A diamond is formed naturally for about billions of years underneath the earth with erosion, collision, pressure, and natural procedure. It takes hard work to create lab-grown diamonds also. You can check out CVD VS HPHT diamonds to know more about synthetic and lab-grown diamonds. So, the price of the diamond gem is comparatively high than others. Therefore, people prefer diamonds for engagement rings to show the value of their bond to each other. Plus, women love to be pampered and excited when their beloved pick something expensive and precious for the big day. 3. Diamond is indeed a desirable gemstone. The reflection makes throughout the light; you can’t take your eyes from the appearance. It would help if you wanted something extraordinary, appreciating, and beautiful for your engagement ring. And that’s why diamond is people’s first pick. 4. Some people believe that wearing diamonds let you have excellent physical and mental health. Though it’s not yet scientifically proved, many people have the belief. Therefore, they prefer diamonds for the engagement ring to wish good health to the partner. These are the most significant reasons why people pick diamonds over any other gemstone for engagement rings.
Best Salwar kameez : wear whatever style and design
There are different fasionable dresses for different places. Salwar kameez is most popular among them a formal salwar kameez,Designer,Anarkali suit can be wear at many places. It has a particular plan that separates it from different jeans like salwar suit or nightgown. This outfit has its causes in the north of India, however these days salwar kameez are best style things whole all around the countries by ladies, everything being equal. Why it's so well known? Wholesale salwar kameez are profoundly trendy at the present time; they are all over the place, from red covers and slopes to TV programs, motion pictures and design magazines. This enormous flood in consideration is because of the prevalence of the anarkali outfit which must be worn with churidars to look proper. These grand looking Mughal motivated outfits are appropriate to all body types because of the complimenting cut and outline and are entirely agreeable also. They have the additional preferred position of being agreeable just as being not difficult to drop around and plunk down in. Today you will discover a wide range of churidar materials in different tones to coordinate various sorts of kurtas however customarily they were made of cotton fabrics and were typically white in shading. In present many women clothes like wholesale salwar kameez, sarees, Dess material are manufacture in surat,india. How to Style it? Regardless of whether it is an on-pattern anarkali churidar or an example straight cut, smart frill can go far in customizing and decorated an outfit. Long churidars look best when combined with heel shoes, ideally with shining Indian decorated. Also, Indian totes with flawless weaving and ethnic themes will suit the gathering wear outfits. For weddings, decorate with silk grips and conventional decorated like Thewa, Meenakari or Kundan sets. A popular look is to wear anarkali churidars with enormous hanging hoops and leave the neck exposed. Pick polki studs, American precious stones hoops or beaded hoops for most extreme impact. Sparkling wristbands and bangles with Indian plans will combine wonderfully with customary churidars.
Latest top 10 kurti neck design for women
Designer kurtis online come in many types of styles that will add better feel and look than your last debut both at home and in the workplace. There are ageless collar and neck plan decisions that have made online kurti shopping an alluring suggestion in closet refreshes. Here are some main 10 neck and collar plans with a suffering legacy and inclination. Wrap Style V-Neck Design : Convention can in any case discover resounding approaches to remain applicable and here and there present front line current style. This Wrap style V-neck is a well known one that has the positives making it work. The fold over is split away from normal though the converging V-neck is out and out splendid introduction. It offers a different expression in this specific differentiating high contrast indo western plan. Profound V-Neck Design : Cape style kurtis have administered the style and design creative mind for a long while as they are filled and permeated with the most awesome aspect upscale elegance. Taking a gander at this receptive introduction you get a total image of both streaming and gelling colors, the expressive cuts that add character and the blessing finely managed and weaved neck collar plan that sums a female style. Catch Round Neck Design It is maybe the most straightforward to haul around yet additionally favors a magnificent style and dress inclination. With the correct tones and tone it's the awesome the hot days and causes each lady to feel the uniqueness and consideration. This neck and neckline USP lies in its movable front catches for simplicity of versatility, just as the adequate neck perimeter to turn and move around easily and comfort. You can only any distress yet you feel the simple delight of lovely styling and plan. Mandarin Neck Design It is a definitive mark collar and neck plan that has discovered striking support and appreciation by the more youthful age of ladies particularly at the work place or in the expert circle and somewhat the understudies. It is stylish, present day in standpoint and appears to be the popular and shaking. It is the collar and neck plan vibe for ladies searching for some expressive and savvy look while in the outside. Weaved Crew Neck Design Weaving has been the backbone neck and collar configuration detail for a long time of kurtis making. In any case, with combinations of western and eastern plans it brings an entirely different measurement and look to the kurtis look. Combination of the theoretical craftsmanship weaving and amazing shading mixes leaves a severally introduction of the wearer and of the kurtis plan avatar featured by the refined completion. Level Neckline and Design Surprisely outlined and phenomenally finished there is not really space for any stain in your dress character with this collar and neck plan. It is intended to wow and made to dominate on the elegance factor with the all covered appearance yet still leaves room womanliness with specific first weaving and wrapping up. Darling Neckline plan Covered in the milder pink and dark shades it invigorates and inhales the impact of delicacy yet it is the flawlessness of familiar plan topic. Darling neck area has been replicated a few times over and this one restores your energy for kurtis in the entirety of its gorgeousness as it strengthens the coordinating shades of the kurti and generally speaking topic. Scoop Neckline Design It is cool, loose and, best case scenario, laid back as it catches the essence and heart of cheerful. All the more so it adds swagger and certainty to any lady's confidence with the correct tones and styling. You can add a portion of opportunity to your style and storeroom by dressing and picking the correct women kurti. Channeled Necklines design With a trace of uniqueness in the neck and collar line, funneling makes the kurtis resound as it will add more appealing flavor supported by the delightful tone of the wholesale kurti. It makes each lady a mobile style diva.
깔끔한 바디에 금색 포인트. 여자친구 발에 신겨주면 좋겠다 라는 생각이 드는 스니커즈다. 실물로 보고 정말 매력적이다고 느꼈다. 건대쪽에 몇개 없는 괜찮은 편집샵에 일때문에 갔다가 본 아이인데, 정확하게 표현하면 무난함의 끝을 달리는 색감과 디자인에 작은 보석처럼 눈에 쏙 띄는 금색 포인트가 똑 떨어져있다. 포인트가 떡하니 버티고있다 라는 표현보단 확실히 '똑'하고 한방울 떨어져있다 라는 표현히 적절한것 같다. 확실히 남자가 신었을때보단 여자가 신었을때, 훨씬더 빛을 볼 신발이다. 잔잔한 신발 바디에 한방울 똑 떨어진 금장 스우시 맛에 신는 신발인데 사이즈가 260을 넘어가서 265부터는 별로 추천하고싶지 않다. 필자가 실물로 봤을때 느낀 느낌은 딱 이랬다. 화창한 날에 연청 스키니를 입은 여자친구가 신어주면 진짜 이쁠것 같은 신발. 완벽한 표현이라 생각한다. 250이하 여성분이 신는다면 슬랙스 청바지 치마 등등 어떤 하의에도 문제 없이 코디할수 있을것 같다. 메인 컬로도 흰색이며, 포인트또한 과하지 않아 어디든 잘 녹아들어가는 스니커즈의 조건을 다 갖추고있다. 단, 260정도의 남성분이 신는다면 베이지색상쪽 바지와의 매칭은 피해야 좋지 않을까 싶다. 물론 믹스매치나 코디에 자신있는분들은 논외로 하고 하는말이다. 반대로 주로 블랙계열의 코디를 즐기면서 신발에 포인트를 주는 남성분이라면 괜찮은 선택이 될거라 생각한다. 1. 어디든 코디할 수 있는 활용성. 2. 맥스 프리미엄 라인중 아주 괜찮은 가격. 3. 확실한 희소성. 싸고 이쁘고 어디든 잘어울리는데 흔하지도 않다. 이거면 무슨설명이 더 필요하겠나 싶다. 저는 판매자가 아니므로 주소를 기재하지 않습니다. 구매처 원하시는분들은 댓글에 메일남겨주세요. (빙글에서 쪽지 기능은 사라졌습니다. 글을 읽지 않고 쪽지로 구매처 보내달라시는분들의 댓글은 이제 따로 댓글 남기지 않겠습니다.)
Make A Galaxy Twisted Tee
On a previous tutorial, I showed you a cute way to make Galaxy Jewelry using some everyday products that you have around the house or in your craft corner. You can click here to see it. I bring it up now because it would go really well with this super cute Galaxy Tee that I found on I Love To Create Blog on Blogspot. Get yourself a loose-fitting black t-shirt and have your sewing machine on stand-by. You will need: Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Black T-Shirt Bleach Paint brushes Spray bottle Scissors Pins Tape Get started by: 1. Lay shirt out flat and tape down. 2. Mix water and bleach ratio as 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. Pour into spray bottle. 3. Begin spraying the shirt with mix, focusing on just a couple spots. Once the bleach sets, the shirt will turn red and continue to turn unless you rinse it. If you want more bleaching to occur, spray more as needed. Rinse the shirt as soon as you get the right base color. 3. Begin using your Tulip paint to paint on blotches, swirls and any design that looks like a galaxy. 4. Continue doing this with different paint colors--as many or as few as you like. 5. Mix paint with water as you go along to create different effects. 6. Using a stiff paint brush, flick white paint to get dramatic stars. 7. Let your shirt completely dry and follow this with regular wash and dry cycle. 8. Lay your shirt flat and cut off the sleeves. 9. Flip over, with the back side up and mark the center of the back with a piece of soap or fabric chalk. This line should line up to the bottom of the arm hole. 10. Cut along both shoulder seams. This will separate the front and back. 11. Twist the two back pieces. 12. Pin in place and stitch by hand (or use your sewing machine). Once all this is done, you're ready to hang with your girlfriends and have a totally awesome summer. Don't forget to pair this with a cute bando top or a bralette. You can click here for tutorials to help you make one!