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Eventually, I will get my own tattoo. But, I've been taking my (seriously, long) time to decide exactly what I want. I'm not worried about having the most unique or original tattoo, just that it means something to me that I'm ready to carry for a lifetime. So, when I came across this post about Clockwork Orange inspired tattoos, I had to wonder: what made each of these people wish to get these tattoos? There are so many people who get a tattoo that some how stems from their favorite book or movie, but, usually, it also carries into some personal meaning within their own lives. Which really makes me wonder about some of these tattoos, particularly the 10th one, which merges Hello Kitty into the mix and things just get weird. Anyways, some of these tattoos are pretty awesome, and I'm sure they have awesome stories to go with them. I'm hoping I can find some inspiration for my own soon!
He doesn't look like an orange to me xD
Oh I just though it was super cute x3 but it says orange inspired tattoos ?
@BayTaylor Yes? lol. What about?
charlie Chapman