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A few days ago I wrote a card about Ricardo dos Santos and how he was killed in an argument outside of his home in Brazil. Here is an except of what I wrote from the information I had: "Apparently a fight broke out when dos Santos tried to stop a group of men from openly using drugs in the street. For some reason an off-duty police officer got involved and ended up shooting dos Santos 3 times in the chest." Well new facts have entered the case. Luis Paulo Mota Brentano, a military policeman who has faced multiple charges of abuse of authority and violence in the past, was in his car with his 17-year-old younger brother. Brentano and his brother were in their car outside of dos Santos' home, blocking a pipe that dos Santos and his uncle needed to work on. Witnesses say that dos Santos approached the car and asked the occupants to move when Brentano said, "We're the ones in charge here." As dos Santos walked away he was shot in the back twice by Brentano. Now I don't know about you, but I call that cold blooded murder. Brentano claimed he shot in self defense because dos Santos was holding a machete. Well he wasn't holding a machete, his uncle was holding a pick axe that was going to be used to fix the broken pipe they needed to access, but the uncle wasn't even close to Brentano. Even then, it doesn't excuse shooting someone in the back, that's not self defense, that's murder. Hopefully the authorities in Brazil deal with this in the correct way. Unfortunately, given Brentano's spotty past and the fact that he is still a free man, I'm not expecting much.
It will get swept under the rug just like the rest of his corrupt past. SMH
Terribly sad. Hopefully that guy gets thrown in jail