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The British Royals may not have stayed here but the celebrity type have. Gisele, Paris Hilton, Jay Z, to name a few, have all stayed at The Setai. Its architectural interiors and exteriors, alike, will leave you stunned. Indoor, outdoor, it doesn't really matter because hosting your wedding ceremony or reception (or both) at The Setai means you won't have to spend a lot of money "transforming" much of anything. There are no filthy 'designer-beige' ballrooms. None of that nonsense. Of course, if that's what you're looking for then I bet there are dozens of Ramadas and Double Trees in Fort Lauderdale that would suit you just fine. (Sips another Amaretto Sour....) Just, shut up and trust me dears, The Setai is a marvel on its own. If refined post-modern elegance is your vibe, then make an appointment to head over with your wedding planner to start the process. This place books fast!
Well we are thinking about having a small intimate honeymoon at a B&B or something like that. Just not sure where. I don't know where. Thoughts??
Come on down and check this place out. Even if you choose The Setai for your honeymoon or a vacation spot, it's unreal.
This picture makes me want to honeymoon in Miami. Hmmm...
I so wish i was there lounging by the pool right about now...Great hotel!