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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has almost arrived for PS4, Xbox, and PC. It's a action RPG game set in an open world. Some of the best adventures in role-playing games aren't the ones the games script for you, but the ones you seek on your own, and The Witcher series does just that. One of the best perks about this game (and I hope other devs take note) is that all DLC will be free. In the case that there is a paid DLC, it will be the size (or almost) of a whole other game.
@MattK95 Cool, thanks for the info! That's my style of game. I really don't like games where I can just button mash and not really worry about strategy. This seems like it will be a refreshing change of pace for me! Looking forward to it
@TeamWaffles I played the first 20 minutes at a friends house, the gameplay wasn't too difficult, it seemed like one of those games where it's better to actually think about the way you attack instead of just mashing the attack button, I never played any more of it though, so sorry if that isn't helpful :/ hopefully this game will still make sense for those of us that haven't played the first two...
@MattK95 Have you ever played the Witcher 2? I haven't but I've heard the gameplay isn't very easy.
Sooooo many great games have come out recently, and there are sooooo many great games still to come this year. I cannot wait for this ^^
@TeamWaffles I agree, I always prefer games that force me to think and approach situations from different angles, not just run in guns blazing, though that can be fun at times too XD