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Yes, you read it correctly. Waffled falafel. How amazing is that? If for some reason you don't want to deep fry your falafel, make waffle it instead. It takes about 8 minutes and has the added bonus of being super fun to say. This was done by a falafel mix. I usually don't like mix but falafel is an exception. Just follow the instruction on the box. As usual, spread some butter on the waffle iron, pour the mix, close the lid and let it sit for 8 minutes. When done, take it out and enjoy with some pita bread, hummus and greek salad.
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falafel without all the frying? Sounds like an awesome plan.
3 years ago·Reply
Never tried falafel, what is it made of?
3 years ago·Reply
@iluvdurian31 Garbanzo beans! They're really delicious.
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee thanks for the quick response. I'll have to try it!
3 years ago·Reply
A Falafel Waffle! Too fun!!
3 years ago·Reply