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Alright I've had these Sector9 wheels forever and tbh I love them but ever since I started sliding they been wearing out like there's no tomorrow and now I can barely down 2 minutes without sliding out. So now it's time to start looking for new ones but since we only have one shop around here (Myrtle Beach, SC) Id like to walk in there with a little more knowledge so I know what to get and what to pay. It's mostly flat ground/sidewalks, and parking garages here and a average session last about 2 hours. should I stay with soft wheels like these or get a little harder ones? Any input is appreciated! ✌
@BlakeRuss I like them for slow free ride or when I was just learning how to slide.but anything over 20mph I wouldn't do with those @BlakeRuss
I wish I could get a freeboard but it wouldn't be much fun only getting to ride it just in parking garages but i looked up those wheels and they look sick! and for 56$ that doesn't seem to bad of a price either. I'll be running up to the shop this week and seeing if they have them or something similar. Thanks for your input man!
Oh well if you want to pull some smooth 360s that are quick, you gotta go harder. The harder the wheel, the less resistance to the hookup. Ha sounds like you need 2 wheels. But if i was you, id get yellow cages.
Sounds about right haha I'd probably stay on the softer side since we spend at most 30 minutes at each parking garage before getting kicked out and riding over to another haha but I'm not sure what sizes to look for & all
Softer wheels for the streets and sidewalks, harder for the garages. The bumpier the road, the softer your wheels should be, because that will let them kinda mold to the ground. Id get soft, cause soft still aint bad in garages. But harder wheels will last longer, just not as comfy a ride. Which sounds better?
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