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Utsumi got a call from Yuki's cousin asking if she isn't at his place. Utsumi is confused and doesn't get what's going on. Yuki's cousin tells him she hasn't been back since yesterday. Utsumi goes to Yuki's house. It seems she went out yesterday afternoon and has been missing since then. Yuki's cousin asks if Utsumi really has no clue. Utsumi has no idea where Yuki might go but suddenly thinks of something and makes a call to Riko. He asks her for Tohru's phone number and tells her Yuki has been missing. Riko says she'll contact Tohru and lets him know. Later Riko tells Utsumi that Tohru doesn't pick up her call. Riko says she'll come to Tohru's dorm to check up on him and Utsumi says he'll go with her. The dorm manager says she recalls him went out yesterday but since it's school break so she thought he might have gone back to his hometown. Yuki's cousin thinks the two of them disappearing on the same day might have connection with each other. Riko cries and apologizes saying that she feels sorry for her brother that's why she told him about Yuki but didn't think he would have done something like this. Utsumi tells her it's ok, rather than getting upset he needs to do something. He won't let go of Yuki's hands ever again. Utsumi contacts his friends and they meet up. They think about various places the two of them could went. It's possible she's confined somewhere. Utsumi lost his composure and asks Riko to think of all the places Tohru could go. Riko says there's a place the 3 of them used to go so it's possible they might be there. They decide to go there and the kouhai kid asks what the relationship between Utsumi and Yuki really is. Utsumi says he'll tell him but the priority now is Yuki since she might get killed! The kid calls his mom and one of the ladies at the bar come pick them up in the van. Utsumi thinks to himself, "please be safe, Yuki!" At some abandoned building in the mountain, Tohru gives Yuki some bread that says "Hokkaido" on it. So they must be in Hokkaido now. He asks her how long will she be like that and why she can't understand him. Argghhhh, what a crepe. I hope they'll find him soon. At least Yuki looks safe here. Next chapter will be out on 11/8 or 9. Ch 150 Summary: Here are links to the raw Thanks to soula81 and Stoneflick :)
thanks for the detailed summary!! I always look forward to your recap/summary. This manga is really addicting and popular. I'm so glad that its out every week instead of month like other manga! Tohru is really a psycho! I wonder what he plans to do now!
You're welcome :) . It's really annoying when some guys just refuse to see why girls don't like them anymore! I actually felt sorry for Tohru at first but not anymore >_<
thank you!! Urgh!! Why is tohru pushing himself when yuki clearly doesn't like him anymore and she loves utsumi. Utsumi good luvk! You can do it.. Don't ever let go of yuki's hands anymore.
full summary is updated :)
thanks guys for the heads up! :)
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