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Korean girls tasting American snacks VS Americans tasting Korean snacks
I died when they tried the Crybaby!! :) Trying foods from other countries can be fun and exciting.
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Am I the only person in the world who likes twizzlers? Lol :) I know right she was weird @Sjeanyoon
3 years ago·Reply
Thank god they didn't totally diss cheezits! Those are my JAM!
3 years ago·Reply
Haha this was hilarious!!! By the way what is a twizzler??? (From Australia) lol XD
3 years ago·Reply
Actually I prefer Korean Lollies and snacks, most of the stuff we have here (Australia) is far too sweet
3 years ago·Reply
They should have given them the strawberry flavor instead lol, it tastes a whole lot better!! Also you have to get them fresh because if not they will taste nasty. :D
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