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The Comfort of A Onesy

It is currently 1:27 AM and I am not comfortable. I cam hear it, i can hear the ticking of the clock as the cold air caresses my skin. It is now 1:29 AM I'm still not comfortable. The darkness grows thicker and thicker, it's getting hard for me to type. The keyboard becomes a game of cat and mouse. I throw my thumb one direction and oopd that was suppose to be an 's.' 1:31 AM my eyes are getting heavier and heavier. Time is taunting me, the defining silence is unavoidable and i begin to lose control. Her eyes were so livid, her smile was unwavering and radiant, just as the sunset is. 1:33 AM and i can't seem to shake the thought of her. Get out of my head, I want you here, i need you here. Why have you gone and made yourself disappear like the sunlight fades into the night sky. 1:35 AM time seems to be telling me something as my eyes begin to fall. Don't do this to yourself Sidney, you are good for so much more, why waste your time and someone so small. She may be small, but she's got a big spot in my heart, the way she laughs the way she talks. the things she does and the way she moves, all more the reason to be such a small thing with a big impact. 1:37 AM i have been writing for ten minutes and i have yet to get to my point. i have yet to conclude the undying love for you i have and will continue you to have. I will wait up late, i will show no hate, i will lose my kind thinking such things at this rate, i have no time to show you fate. 1:39! oh my god where have i been, when i am next to you i feel as if my life grows big. i missed so much of you i learned more about my book than i have your look. I tend to get carried away and know not your name as my blood sets and stains the last words that left your tongue when i was no more the guy that you deemed the same. How can i look upon your face as the clock strikes 1:41, 1:43, 1:45, 1:47! I can't say your name because i will regret it. the day you left me was the day i jumped out of my onesy.
That onesy has so much symbolism loaded into it. nice.
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