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my bro and I were riding a parking garage and this guy comes out of nowhere n trys to tackle my brother so we cussed him out n skate checked him n knocked him on his fatass, now he's calling the police so we bailed, but cause hes the one that tackled my brother for nothing wouldn't that be assault?, he didn't even tell us to leave, so whatever fuckin fat ass deserved it:P lol I know it wasnt right to skate check him but you can't just come out of nowhere and tackle us, you try that with us and we'll skatecheck you its defending ourselves... do you guys agree with me? seriously wouldn't you wanna do that if someone came at you like that? anyways, riding was fun before that haha
yes true, but idk we just defended ourselves cause he just came out of nowhere, we were sooo fucking pissed dude@ApolloSkating I've never wanted to beat the shit out of someone so bad haha but yea we didn't cause we didn't wanna be charged
Better to bounce after since you hit him too they could get you charged as well
even if it was security or someone who worked nearby tho, nobody has the right to do that if we did nothing to deserve it. there's no signs that say no skateboarding so I'm gonna ride. If he would have just asked kindly we would have left but he didn't and he physically tried to harm us, that's not right, if someone tries to harm us for nothing we're going to defend ourselfs and do the same back @DanielSpazJames
Screw that guy
no we bailed, I'm sure he was fine cause he was going like 6mph when he hit him @steezus honestly I don't care, if he's gonna go after us for nothing he should've expected us to do something, we're not just gonna stand there n let him try to come at us like that
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