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There are definitely slow days at work, but here's a list to keep you company on those boring hours: -browse online for at home jobs that you can do on the computer, it's always nice to have a little extra cash when you can get some! -organize your desk, maybe think of some new decorations to put around or on your computer to spice up the boring office. -make a fresh cup of tea; I usually do this to help keep me awake and calm it helps keep the day moving. -vacuum the office or wipe down some stuff with disinfectant or pledge, do the dishes, make the place sparkle, your boss will like the clean area. -AVOID FACEBOOK OR SOCIAL NETWORKS. This is a big no no to most bosses, don't take that risk your buddies can wait until your breaks -draw or write poetry or stories(: -go to the bathroom for a nice poop or to browse your phone All these are what keeps me busy on those lame 8 hour days, but either way you are getting paid so try to make the best out of your time!
I just laughed out loud over the "go to the bathroom for a nice poop" tip!
Currently have Vingle AND Facebook open at're making me feel guilty LOL!