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In case you don't already know, beets are one of my favorite foods in the entire world! I eat them in any way shape or form and can't get enough of them. That is why I am always excited about pink food - and here's one of my favorite recipes :) WHAT YOU WILL NEED 2 cups cooked Israeli couscous (you can use regular couscous) 2 medium beets, roasted (see instructions in the note below) handful of parsley leaves, chopped a handful of fresh dill fronds, chopped a handful of good walnuts, roughly chopped salt and fresh cracked black pepper 1 Tbsp za'atar (see recipe below) 1/4 cup olive oil juice of 1 lemon INSTRUCTIONS To roast the beets, wash them and put them on a dry baking sheet. Roast in a 400F oven until a sharp knife pierces them easily. This might take an hour and a half, or so. When they are cool enough to handle, slip their skins off. Chop the beets into a small dice while they are still warm. Toss with the couscous, breaking up any lumps with a fork. Toss with the herbs and nuts. Mix the za’atar with the olive oil and lemon juice, and add to the salad. Toss well. Refrigerate for at least an hour or two to allow it to get completely chilled, and for the flavors to mingle. Check the seasonings and serve garnished with a few more nuts and herbs. ----- Za’atar is a common Middle Eastern herb, related to oregano and thyme. It’s also the name of spice mix made with dried herbs, crushed sesame seeds, and sumac, a dried berry with a tangy, sour flavor. 4 tsp sesame seeds 4 tbsp finely chopped fresh oregano 4 tsp dried marjoram 4 tsp ground sumac 1 tsp sea salt 4 tsp ground cumin Crush everything lightly with a mortar and pestle.
I love how the cous cous is not dyed with food coloring but beets!
This is so pretty! I might try to make an entirely pink meal on the 14th!
@sophiamor I love cooking with it! It sort of reminds of me of the Greek/Middle Eastern equivalent of those spices that are just labeled "Italian Seasoning". It adds a nice and savory Mediterranean flavor to your food. :)
I've never cooked with za’atar before so I'm interested to try it (though I might try to find it premade first)
Oh wow, this is really really a cool recipe!
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