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Just when Kang Maru gave his heart fully to Seo Eun-gi.... I think she remembers or either someone told her the events of the past that she recalls the guy she was going towards to while driving her car at the opposite lane of the tunnel. The tables are turned, Eun-gi kissing Maru, she has the same look in her eyes as maru when they kissed in Japan. I hope the two will surpass the bitterness of the reality and for once in their life experience the Joy of True love.... I hope someone out there upload an english sub of EP 15 because its to painful just trying to connect the dots here... LOL
tell him we need him asap.
oh...sure.. i have dumbledore on my speed dial!
ehh she's busy better call dumbledore you got his phone number right?
we can call JK rowling and ask her !! :D
I'm learning how to teleport so I can go directly to her and slap her if she let them die.
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