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Branislav Ivanovic proves to be the hero as Chelsea and Liverpool need Extra Time to sort who will advance to Wembley in March for the League Cup Final. The game proved to be a really spicy affair, with flares kicking of early as Diego Costa got away with what was an absolute deliberate stamp on Emre Can. While we await to hear what the FA decide in terms of retroactive punishment for the stamp, Costa would go on to be denied what was a solid penalty shout before Blues keeper Courtouis had to produce two incredible saves to deny Liverpool a halftime lead. In the second half, the game got more heated as a few clips started producing more cards, 9 in total during the match. The second half also saw a second deliberate stamp from Diego Costa, this time on Martin Skrtel before Mingolet for Liverpool had to produce an incredible save. It was at this time end-to-end and some of the best football on display all season from both sides before the full time whistle blew with the match still scoreless. The 1st half in extra time saw Branislav Ivanovic head in a free kick powerfully. The lapse from Liverpool comes as Mario Balotelli was the man making him, as opposed to a taller defender, who arguably could have but Ivanovic off. The second half of extra time saw Liverpool pour more pressure on but ultimately fail to score, an issue that's haunted them across all their competitions this season. Chelsea will now play the winner of Spurs-Sheffield United.
@Iamjoen7 Well he probably will play at Wembley since the League Cup Finals is not until March. Having said that, the FA did charge him (I was going to write about that later actually) but the way I read it was that he's only been charged for the stamp on Can, which makes me wonder if anything is to come from the stamp on Skrtel. It was disgusting and 3 games is probably fair. Would only put him out until the 21st.
@Iamjoe7 Fabregas is out I believe and yes Chelsea will miss Costa but he did have it coming after his display in that game. Having said that, their next 3 games are City at home, Villa away and Everton at home. Everton's been poor this season and Villa are lacking any sort of offensive power so I don't think it will hurt Chelsea much bar the City game tomorrow.