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Q: Falling in Love With an Idea?

Q: Well,it all started when a stranger texted me.He texted,”Hey,would you mind meeting me at 4 instead of 3? I have to make a detour”and I was bored so i replied (not the best idea I know),you got the wrong number,and somehow we started talking, and my friends met him, but she wont tell me what he looks like. We’re the same age and everything. So my problem is: do you think its possible to fall in love with the idea of a person? A: Absolutely. It's easy to fall in love with an idea, but much, much harder to fall in love with a real person sometimes. Ideas don't really have flaws, besides what you allow them to have, but real people do, and not everyone is ready to accept that. That all being said, it's getting more and more normal to only talk to someone online, through texting, or whatever before you meet them in person. Safety issues aside (seriously, be smart about any of this! Take a friend. Or have a friend near by. Or meet somewhere VERY public. The usual stuff), there are other things you have to consider, though. One recommendation I have is to meet in person SOONER rather than LATER! While it is nice to be able to form judgments and ideas of each other even before arranging a meeting, the more an idea of who that person is forms in text form, the harder it will be to actually get to know that person as they really are, and that could be a hugggge problem! So, my advice to you, is to meet them soon. And tell your friend before you do because if he's completely not worth meeting (or scary!) she should be a good friend and warn you. Good luck!
@hikaymm Totally agree! There's a line that has to be carefully walked. @onesmile I mean, don't you want people to trust you online? Aren't there people you should trust online, too?
@noelia98 As in, they should go for it?
it's perfect
This seems dangerous from start to finish....I'm all about the real connection leading the relationship from in person meeting to in person dates....guess I've never been into buildilng realtionships over devices! Just my two cents, though.
Oh ho ho, trust me, I know this danger zone!!! I've made the mistake even of texting a TON with someone I met once in person after wards, only to meet again expecting sparks and zilch! Nothing! Be careful. Texting and other online communication is great, but really does have some drawbacks.
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