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A small island off the coast of Wando, you will need to take a ferry for about 40 mins before arriving at the island. Cheongsando is also known as a slow city as the entire island can be travelled on foot. It is considered as one of the best 50 places to go in Korea and do not even expect the luxury of buses or taxis there. However the good news is the korean islanders there are simply amazing and often more than willing and happy to give you a lift. Cheongsando has yet to be developed as a tourisim place (though I do secretly hope that it never will as it might lose some of its charm, peacefulness and cleanliness if it is) For kdrama lovers, cheongsando is also the filming site for the korean drama "Spring Waltz" A strongly recommended place if you want something different from the bustling city Seoul.
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so beautiful!!! i wanna come here
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