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Need some ideas for Valentine's Day manicure? Here are 6 easy heart manicures to make "fall in love" with your nails. 1. Scatter Glitter Hearts Simply apply a few particles from a heart shaped glitter polish on nails painted in red/red shimmer. 2. Multiple heart drips To make the heart drip design, draw a "V" shape as base and slowly paint it to a heart shape. Use a toothpick to make the thin lines. 3. Contrast Heart Tips Paint a black polish as base, draw an zig-zag white french tip and add hearts on top it. 4. Pastel Hearts Choose 2-3 pastel colors as base and layer it with heart patterns, stripes, and glitter particles. 5. Heart Wallpaper Paint four nails from each hand. For the remaining nail brush on a white base and place multiple heart particles to fill nail. 6. Mix and Match X.O. Hearts This is one is pretty much up to you. Play with colors, patterns, texture and contrast.
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number 4 is cute
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now that's cute!
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