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Eggs over Frankenstein?
Sure, we all know about Proust and his madeleines, but now we don’t have to stop there. Ruth Reichl highlights a new find on her blog today -- a site that reveals which foods famous writers most loved. Turns out Victor Hugo (Les Miserables) ate lobster when he wasn’t too busy drinking hot chocolate, and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) found comfort in toast and kale topped with a fried egg. Such a fun and unexpected glimpse into the lives of authors.
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I am the worst player at Trivial Pursuit. How do people discover and remember these sorts of details? More importantly, I think it's so cool to stop and remember that the people we admire (and sometimes idolize), are real people too, with real quirks.
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It's funny to think that I might someday be remembered for my obsession with potatoes. I hope?
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