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You can expect even more literary moments from Chipotle. The popular burrito and taco joint has again enlisted Jonathan Safran Foer to curate stories for their bags and cups. But who can say it better than the writers themselves? In the words of Augusten Burroughs, one of the featured artists this time around, “I love the idea of unexpected stories in unexpected places. I’m working on a complicated memoir at the moment so writing a miniature memoir for the back of a cup was highly appealing.” Vanity Fair had the exclusive, and you can see a preview of what literature to expect alongside your guacamole on their site.
@danidee @srgb I didn't even know this was going on! I love the idea of telling stories in really unexpected places (or, unexpected ways, for that matter). I'll have to look out for this!
You know, I actually really like reading the stories on the sides of the cups.