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I am really a fan of FKA Twigs, but I fear that she might start to become a one-trick pony. Her songs all have the same rhythm and feel to them, but it is the lyrics at keep bringing me back. She delivers her words in a slow, haunting way that a 'you need to listen to what I am saying" feeling about them. I can't listen to this as background music because I need to focus on the lyrics - it's great stuff! Here's a sample: "I've got time, but you're tired of waiting You only want me in other spaces Come fill your gaps with people I know no one So lonely trying to be yours When you're looking for so much more" Now the video, on the other hand, is totally weird. On second she's tied up and suspended from the ceiling with ropes and the next she has become a pool of the funky water you find at the bottom of Dumbledore's pensive. I'm still trying to figure out the symbolism so any and all help is appreciated!
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I can see what you mean about all her songs sounding the same. To be fair I only have hear 2 or 3 tracks but I couldn't tell you which was which if I overheard it on the radio.
This does remind me a lot of her song 'two weeks' but I still love the vibe of her music!