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First of all I would like to apologise, I should have had this done nearly two weeks ago. The important thing is that it is done now though... Secondly incase you didn't know I have been appointed as the Kpop Community Event Organiser!!! by @kpopandkimchi our Kpop Community Administrator, so a big thank you to her for that ^^ We all put together some darn good lists of music if I do say so myself (and I do XD) So a big thank you to @nenegrint14 for her fantastic challenge!!!!! :) If you have a challenge of your own that you would like to share with everyone, then please send me a private message with your idea and I will use it when I can, and give you full credit for it :) This weeks challenge comes from our good friend @Christy :) And your challenge is... A playlist of your favourite songs by your favourite idols or groups!!!! (There was some confusion about this earlier sorry :( ) Playlists need to be at least more than two songs (around ten songs is the normal amount) Next weeks challenge comes from @Ambie Remember it doesn't have to just be Kpop it can be Asian music of any type :) Don't forget to tag me (@MattK95) and @Christy in your cards so that we don't miss them :) Feel free to follow the collection so that you don't miss any of the playlists either ^^ If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask in the comments or send me a private message :) @kpopandkimchi @jiggzy19 @aabxo @danidee @TaehyungKey @Cryomorph @honeysoo @nenegrint14 @shashae5296 @Christy @Ambie @chasinghapiness @Allyphernelia @sherrysahar @Aero2042 @PassTheSuga @callmekaren @NanaSomon @GraceDowns97 @lollipopdollie @KpopJunkiesTV Please don't feel pressured to do this just because I tagged you, only do it if you want to, also feel free to tag your friends to challenge them, and even if I didn't tag you and your just reading this go ahead and take the challenge yourself if you want to :D Good luck everyone Thanks for reading <3 Credit to the owner of this photo :) (I do not own this photo)
Okay, I lied. I thought this would be really easy, but I wrote down a list for two completely different groups and now it's like trying to choose between a favorite from my very own children.
ahh it can't be one group is IMPOSSIBLE
ohhhhhhh@MattK95 okayyyyy lol. I was like Huhh? Thanks for unconfuzzling me buddy :)
@shashae5296 Yeah can be more than one group
can it be more than one group @Christy ?
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