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Chieri Sono (Pink Outfit) Cosplay - Otakon 2014
My original Chieri Sono cosplay, from AKB0048! This cosplay was purchased on eBay, but the thigh high boots were made by me! They were such a pain to sew <___< I've re made them 3 times now and I think I'm finally pleased. Maybe? Hopefully? I hope so. Eventually, I will do every version of Chieri! Photography by: Yenra Photography (yenraphotography.com, @yenra) at Otakon 2014 (I have more pictures of this cosplay I'll share later!)
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So cool :)
2 years ago·Reply
That wig is SO pretty! Is it an Arda one? @AngeliPon
2 years ago·Reply
Wow you've done a good job of finding a solid Ebay store. I'm always too worried to order from there.
2 years ago·Reply
Nice! Your poses really suit her.
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