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I found this hilarious post on Tumblr where someone analyzed Astrology signs and found a Kpop song that matched them the best. Here's the first six signs (I will post the next six right away!) 1. Aries - Hyde (VIXX) You're aggressive, bold, and always want to be a leader. This might make some people not very happy with the strong side of your personality. That doesn't make you a bad person! Stay true to you, but don't be too much Hyde and not enough Jekyll. 2. Taurus - Run Devil Run (SNSD) Taurus is dependent and passionate when it comes to love, and they want the same from their partner. While usually patient and understanding, if you break their trust, you're going to have to deal with the bull AND its horns. You'd better Run. 3. Gemini - Electric Shock (F(x)) Geminis are excitable and energetic - they're electric! Their dual personalities, however can be pretty shocking got those who aren't on the same mental wave length as them. 4. Cancer - Fantastic Baby (Big Bang) Cancers just want to be happy. They are all about surrounding themselves with things and people that they love, and what better way to have fun with loved ones than to have a dance party? 5. Leo - I Am The Best (2NE1) Leos love being center stage. They want all the attention, and know they deserve it. They're expressive, creative, and usually the life of the party. 6. Virgo - Lipstick (Orange Caramel) Virgos are critical and are very detail oriented. They appreciate things being exact and precise much like the choreography and lyrics of Lipstick.
Leo... Though being an introvert i feel like this doesn't quite work for me XD still this song is my jam, I'm actually listening to it right now XD
F A N T A S T I C B A B Y (:
Rawr!! "\(^・o・^)/" Imma Leo too!!
That just proves that k pop rocks...I'm straight Leo♡♡♡☆☆☆☆
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