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What happens when your favorite instant food collide with your favorite fast food? Ramen Burger. Yes, a ground beef patty sandwiched between two craftily formed buns made from ramen noodles. Sounds gross? Probably not. Otherwise, The Original Ramen Burger would have end its glory at New York -- but it's winning souls at the heart of LA. So how did this happen? Keizo Shimamoto, left his finance career and took classes on ramen to make his long-time "ramen dream" come true. To Shimamoto, it's more than just an ramen burger. According to the Japan Times interview he said, "I consider (my) ramen burger to be Japanese-American. Just like me. It’s not fusion food. It’s a food born in America that happens to combine two different cultures and makes them exist as one. The perfect symbol of America.” If you're interested in taking a bite of this burger, but live too far from the NY & LA eatery, I've attached a video that teaches you how to make this happen in your own kitchen. Go for it if you dare. Photo Credit: The Original Ramen Burger
Maybe I'm weird, but I would totally try this.
Ramen. Burger? Not a big fan of the two, but so amazed how creative people can get with food!
I love that they used bok choy but I'm going to pass on the ramen buns...
I've actually seen the ramen burger at a few places in NYC. Totally weird. I was never into dry ramen as a kid even when raw top ramen was the trendy snack in middle school hahah