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Continuing the post about star signs and how they relate to Kpop, here are the last six signs and the Kpop songs the best fit them! Check out the first six here: 1. Libra - Flashback (After School) Libras do not want to be alone! For a Libra, everything is better if it's done as a pair. You are constantly thinking of others and your relationships with them - you want everyone to be happy, even if it hurts you. 2. Scorpio - Back (Infinite) Scorpios are intense, passionate and filled with desire. When they want something, chances are, they'll find a way to get it. Not even a giant group of thugs could stop them from reaching their goals. 3. Sagittarius - RingDingDong (SHINee) Sagittarius are always looking for answers. They want things to be straight-forward and easy for them to comprehend. When they come across a complicated puzzle or person they tend to go a little insane until they figure it all out. 4. Capricorn - Ice Cream (Hyuna) Speaking as a Capricorn...I love ice cream. Haha! But really - we're competitive, hard working, and ambitious. What we care about at the end of the day is that sweet, sweet taste of success. 5. Aquarius - Lovey Dovey (T-Ara) Aquarius just loves things. A lot. They are (sometimes overly) emotional and want the world to be one happy, artsy, creative place where everyone feels free! 6. Pisces - Bonamana (Super Junior) Pisces are incredibly empathetic. You are strongly affected by what others feel or make you feel. If you come across someone who tugs at your heart strings, chances are you're going to go pretty head-over-heels about them.
Scorpio power! :)
Actually this fits you perfectly XD @jiggzy19
@jiggzy19 October 24th :)
@Allyphernelia November 17!!! And you!??
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