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Bicyclists of History, WWI
Though horse-drawn carts, cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles played a major role war, bicycles were also often used for various reasons. Whether it was for regular patrol, cheap and silent transportation, or even as ambulances, bicycles served many roles in past wars! 1. WW1 Bicycle Ambulance 2. Finnish Military Cycle Patrol, carrying spare bicycles 3. German Army in Bucharest Romania in WW1 4. Italian Bersaglieri Corps
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It's cool to look at all the old styles of bikes. Cool!
3 years ago·Reply
@troygreene84 It's also amazing that the basic construct of bicycles hasn't changed at all
3 years ago·Reply
But what would people possibly put on kickstarter?!? @troygreene84 @BikeSnob
3 years ago·Reply
LMAO @AnthonyB This is so true! Everyone is always trying to reinvent the wheel..or the bicycle in this scenario
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