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Sure, it's 2015, but is it really okay for grooms to go without a jacket? What are your thoughts? Really. Is it okay? Is it still declasse? The photos come from a BoHo-Chic styled wedding. It's simple, rustic, and romantic in it's attention to the bespoke method. The bride looks darling in crocheted lace gown and woven heather for her hair. The groom is dressed in khaki pants, shirt and bow tie. While this photo set is biased in that he obviously looks great without a jacket--and would probably look odd wearing one--I wonder if there are strong opinions on how grooms ought to be dressed for the wedding. I would like to explore the current fashions for grooms as compared to the social norms and etiquette. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, pose questions, and discuss the matter. Thank you.
All depends on the event and the location. There are times when jackets are just not appropriate. Good pictures on here. @marshalledgar
This is a cool idea. But I think my wedding is too formal to not have a jacket for the groom. But I like the look of it. Her dress is so pretty! Love her lacy shawl.
Thanks @NixonWoman Glad you like the dress and shawl on the bride in the pic. I wish I had more info to give you on it.