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To say that free speech is fighting a hard battle in China would be news to nobody. However, the use of free speech online is being even further restricted after new rules have been proposed to prevent pen names from being used online, in any context. That anonymous blog you want to run? Not any longer: now, all authors must have a real name registered to the account (even if not publicly, it must be public to the government). What does this mean for freedom of expression online? Nothing good: no longer can bloggers hide behind pen names online, and still make their voice against the government heard. In the past, these posts and blogs would be taken down, but the government had no easy way to take action against the individuals. Now, they do. And there's nothing good about it. There's no doubt that this will soon spread to social media sites, requiring registration via national identity information so that every post can be easily tracked to its creator. How can we end this crackdown against any criticism of the government, and of free speech?
@timeturnerjones There are. They're able to use them so long as they're registered.
@drwhat Is it really transparency, though? It feels false. @yakwithalan Indeed you would.
Arent there already established authors with pen names?
You mean that if I wanted to make an account like this, I'd have to register it beforehand in my real name and everything? @greggr
Sad, but not shocking if you think about it. Really, at least they're pretty much being more open about stalking online use and going after those who say things they don't like. Transparency is a good thing....?