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It is so easy to fall in love with another person, because we are so quick to forgive or overlook faults in others and only see the positives. So why can't we do this about ourselves? We so easily judge ourselves and wonder why we aren't skinnier, funnier, more graceful, or more outgoing. But what about dwelling on what you are? It could be that you're observant, you are empathetic, you are always on time, your hair looks great in the morning, etc. Or better yet - look at your "flaws" and think about how they make you, you and that one day you'll find someone who absolutely loves your quirks. For example, I have arguably the most obnoxious laugh in the world (but it's contagious!), I always burn the first batch of cookies (but I am the first person to bring home a special treat from a great bakery 'just because!'). Look at yourself and make it a point to think of a positive fact about you every time you come up with a negative. I am not the biggest fan of my nose, but they second I start thinking about it I remember how happy I am that it is covered in (in my humble opinion) down-right adorable freckles! So while we're talking about loving and appreciating ourselves, why not take V-Day as an opportunity to cherish the most important person in your life - YOU! 1. Start the day with an affirmation. Look at yourself in the mirror as you're getting ready and name 5 things you love about yourself. Chances are, once you get going, you'll have more than 5 things to say. 2. Treat yourself to something Whether its the giant bagel and cream cheese you always want to start your day with, or that long walk on the beach you just haven't had time for - indulge! Make time for YOU and your needs. Eat that bagel, take that walk, leave work on time for once. You deserve it. 3. Give compliments I know that we're talking about loving yourself here, but spreading love is one way to love yourself in return. Surrounding yourself with positivity is the best way to brighten your mood. Tell your coworker that you adore her cackle/laugh that always makes you smile. Thank the barista for always starting your day off with a smile and great coffee. Spread the love - but always be sure you're being genuine. Remember, you're important, unique, and deserve to be happy - so go make the most of your day!
@GetFitwithAmy Me too!!! :D Congrats, everyone--we made it!
I had a successful Valentine's Day of treating myself :)
#2 is nice.
Giving other people compliments always makes me feel great, too!
@danidee LOL that's the one I was most hyped about, too!!
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